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When you begin study with a new teacher, the first several months is a reworking of your technique to refine it to the methods the teacher uses. Some teachers simply go to open strings and finger placement exercises until their students have the tone and finger agility the teacher is looking for. Or, they assign etude after etude, forcing the student to learn material every time they are supposed to ALSO be learning new technique. The student “earns” repertoire by being able to present quality foundational technique. 

This approach is tough for young students, and weeds out the ones who aren’t that serious, who aren’t willing to practice hours each day, or who don’t want to pursue violin as a profession. It’s even tougher on adults, who are absolutely playing violin for personal pleasure, and because there is MUSIC they want to be able to play. I find it is much more rewarding to do small, short exercises that can be added to a reasonable practice time. It’s also nicer to use a short folk song or other piece that can be learned quickly but still introduces a technique. 

There are A LOT of bad teachers out there, who don't know how to bring out the best in their students, or really even try. Maybe you've been a victim of their efforts. And the free teaching on YouTube? For the most part, you get what you pay for. Learn to play the violin in 30 Days? I don't think so!

I too, am crunched for time and energy to practice my violin and learn new pieces. I was told that you have to practice six hours a day to be a good violinist. But I have never had that much time available for practicing between school work, having to support myself, and having a life! One hack I've developed for efficient, productive practice... practicing small chunks many (many!) times is more effective than playing through the whole piece a few times. 

I was also told I needed talent - if you have it, you'll be good, and if you don't have it, don't bother. But the joy of music should be available for everyone to enjoy, and everyone has some ability that can be developed with skilled teaching and mindful practicing. Another hack... break down each passage into right hand and left hand exercises and then put it all together.

I have developed a unique, efficient approach that will help you target the work you need to do to be a good violinist that will save you hours of wasted effort. Some of my approach comes from personal experimentation, from other teachers who taught me good practice skills, and from coaches who specialize in building practice and performance success. Another hint... slow practice is ALWAYS better than fast practice, especially when approaching new material. Work your way up to faster tempi gradually, but never play faster than "the speed of no mistakes."

This is an accelerated program through video instruction with personalized attention. I believe in developing mastery and high skill from the beginning, producing technically advanced beginners. I want you to be able to develop great ability and I want to help you!

The Violin Guru Videos give you all of your Technical Foundations. They will help you fix the bad habits you developed that are holding you back from the beautiful sound you crave. Or, if you are a beginner, they will give you good habits from the beginning, paving the way to your musical future.

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🎵Beginning Lessons video series for brand new players AND a Violin Refresher course for those who need a technique upgrade. 

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